1. TINGLES (2023)
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There is one thing that troubles me, as I look back on what transpired, between us
I stood back as you did what you pleased, even as you conspired, you did what you had to
And the wheels keep rolling on, but some things just never change
Looks like we'll have to write another song, to commemorate

I know their faces, their tweaks, their squeaks, they don't fill spaces
I know their dreams, and their screams, they're so clean, they leave no traces

It's half past the cow's ass, all the places seem to be closing
On go the lights, and the music stops, I guess it's time to assess the situation
You know what I mean.
In the city there's no resemblance to the town, with flourescent lights and pulsating sounds
Won't you join me for another round, lets greet the break of day together

You make me Tingle, to my feet, You make me, ooo, Tingle, it's so sweet
Doctor Fromm had a theory on Love, But I can't define it,
But there's one thing I know, I never want to let you go
You make me Tingle, You make me Tingle

The River of Love has overflowed into our lives,
The River of Love has overflowed into our lives, it makes me Tingle
I've been waiting for this river to crest, I'm still waiting