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Question Everything

When I hear the results of surveys
I admit that my vote could swing
But left out standing in the hallway
I question everything

When I watch all the TV shows
I take all of it in completely
They say they are the ones who knows
Still I question everything

And when they lie or stretch the truth
I question them why and look for proof
That they never really show me

When they claim an exclusive story
I know that it’s well understood
In their run for reporter's glory
I question everything

Don’t put yourself out on a limb
Don’t fall for their crap
Inquire and never roll
Over and unto your back
It will all come together
When you least expect it most
If you fall for their spoken words
Consider yourself toast

And on the Horizon the people will gather who agree with you
You’re not alone in this search, You’re not alone, You’re not alone
Still they stick to their program, designed especially for them to influence you
You’re not alone in this coup, You’re not alone, you’re not alone
The people are with you

When I hear the results of those surveys
I admit they do resonate
But left out of those hallowed hallways
It comes too late, too late
I question everything, I question everything

Just question everything, Just question everything