1. aftermath
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Music Composition; Kevin Renshaw
Arrangement/Keyboards; Caveman420
Guitar; Zanni Z
Vocals/lyrics; Frank Sabat

There’s a fire in the forest
I think that we should be concerned
It consumes with a nasty burn

Don’t let it slip inside
There’s nothing you can do
You can’t run and hide
Just sit back and go for the ride
And Celebrate

And conjugate, and the people will be coming
We won’t be late, and they’ll be singing coming through
I think we’ll stay, if we don’t know the words we’re humming
I promise you, I’m sure we’ll be buzzing too

Pick up the pieces, put it together again
Use some crazy glue, because I’m crazy for you
Real love increases, let’s get it together again
We’ll leave this behind us, and go off on our own

In a crowd, or all alone
If you’re there, or on a phone
Say it loud, and make it clear
That you’re proud, and you’re here

The Time is approaching
We can’t wait another day

We’ll fill the world with love and kindness
We’ll fill the world from land to sea
We’ll heal the world of it’s blindness
Wait and see