1. Dissed
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And they forced me to inquire, because of what they said
You know it's hard, and this is not a game
The corpses all have names
But the people ignored all the warnings
They exist just for their phones
They're unaware of the latest findings
As they're monitored by drones
They shoot the breeze, dissing, until twilight, missing,
They never do what they are told, pissing it away
We don't trust the man, cause he is listening, what you say
Cause he wants to rule the world, to abuse it
He says he just wants a swab, to see if we're infected
A sample of our DNA to store, so they can use it
They'll show up, like a summer day, to get their swab and their shot
But we're the ones, who just get in the way
Dissing day, for the night, is our way, to fight for our rights, that we give away
Please don't let them(8x)
Well now they have your DNA, and it makes you vulnerable, easy to disguise
So now we can match it to anyone's description
You better make sure you stay in line
They diss most things that we say, and we take it with a grain of salt
They just visit us around Election Day, oh no
But until then, just stay in your pen
You have been warned