1. Infected
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the timing is critical, and they become political, so hypercritical
We realize that we are not alone in this fight.
We summarize that our leaders just act in spite to each other
And so we take cover in our homes and contemplate
How we ever got his way
Will we ever see a better day
Until then we'll just comfort each other

As the virus creeps into the town
The people go on with their daily activities
Unaware of the pending pandemic that creeps into their town
Playing on the beaches and playgrounds
Slowly but surely, one by one, family by family, loved ones by loved ones
Become, Infected
"Oh No, it can't happen to us"

They'll find a cure, and make it available for everyone
It's going to take a little time, so please, cooperate, and wait
And when we get the cure,
Remember it's only for the virus and it doesn't make your life great
It gives us another chance to stay alive and get it right
And we will make it good again
Well maybe we can live and learn to like each other........when