1. Undeniable
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It's undeniable, It's indescribable
Just how do they get away with the things they do
It's Unbelievable
It seems that the bar they set, can't be made
But that's how they grade
It's highly suspicious, might even be malicious
Now that the lights have changed
We continue on our way down the road
Even though the game is the same
We still don't know, where we can go
It's outrageous
When will it ever end, when will we learn to live with each other
Do you think we could change today?
It's undeniable
There will be another day to die
I feel it won't be today, theis I know
We get to live and right all our wrongs
To right all that we did wrong, to write new words for the song
To take ourselves higher, Higher and Higher
There is a place, There is a place, That I know, where we can really grow
And no one can say, This where we fell, in our end of days
It's really not that hard
Just got to give it up to God
It's really not that hard