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Who's In Charge

She ducked into the alley, to make a midnight score
An act of fornia in Cali, a random barter nothing more
The ground was littered with spent prophylactics
Used needles show what went on before
Just some of the things that go on in the alley, down the block from your front door

Shall we sweep it under the rug
Or maybe it's only that, a generation must pass away before

Rancid are our Officials, with their hands out for our cash
As the bodies keep on piling, in the alleys you'll find the stash
Of human hash

Who's in charge of the sanitary conditions, Who's in charge of the feces patrol
Who's in charge of the prevention of contagious diseases
And of the hygienic conditions of their homes
Wouldn't you like to know, Who's in charge

I want to know if this can be remedied, can we find a cure
Can we fix the issues, or just create some more

But down in the alley with the thugs and drugs and mystery
It's so rundown the smell of urine is overwhelming me
Someone's got to pay for the reconstruction of our inner cities

Who's in charge, Who's in charge, I really want to know
Who's in charge, Who's in Charge.....does anybody know.........who's in charge

In the darkest alleys, off our own streets, of the inner cities
Not far from our homes
The decay is within