1. Sanctuary
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Billy loves powder, he's just getting by, Now he owes his dealer, the cost of getting high
So he owes his soul to the company store, For a little powder, it costs a whole lot more
Ain't no place in these times I can find, this is no sanctuary
There's no peace I can find that's no lie, this is no sanctuary

There is a place, in your mind, where you can stay, and not be pressed for time
You need not rush, or make a fuss, it's not a bust, but it's a must
To see this place in your mind, where you can be safe, from the other kind
Yes in this place, you'll be safe, there is no better find,
Cause in this place you'll find your sanctuary.

Close your eyes, let someone else drive, put up your feet, but keep your shoes on
Lay back and think, of all those kisses and winks
And the people you met, but keep your shirt on
Remember this is just for you, to find your peace, your inner peace
I am my own sanctuary, I really am, I am my own retreat,
My sanctuary makes me complete, at least in my mind.