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Light as a Feather

I packed my bags, time to hit the road, go where I want to go, I guess I been sold
I'll keep to myself, I'll live by a code, going for the brass ring, going for the gold

I say Hi, Hi, Hi, to everyone that I pass bye
I say Hey, Hey, Hey, How are you today
I say Ou, Ou, Ou, How are you, and how do you do
Would you like to get to know me, do I intrigue you, ahahah

I think we're gonna last, lets get a room, and have some laughs, heal our wounds
Sit at the bar, and tie one on, and have some fun, ther'll be no harm

And then, when the lights are dim, I'll snuggle up, cuddle near your skin
And whisper in your ear, how much it means, to me that your here,
How did I, deserve you, you're more than I, could ever really see, that could ever really be,
with me, together, go down in history
Your burden is as light as a feather, oh, oh, yea
I'll say it again, your burden is as light as a feather, I'll carry your weight, forever
Every way, forever, every day, I'll say it here, your burden is as light as a feather, uh

I packed my bags, I hit the road, where I end up, nobody knows
Then I found love, that's how it goes
We are together, thats how we roll