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Love, will, Set you, Free
Love will set you free.....C'mon free me

Sister, Brother, Mother, Father
Can I find my way to your heart again
but not for just one day

Show me, Help me

You cast a shadow over me
Just like a tree
and the light's been dimmed
I can't see
What's in front of me

Light me, Delight me, Don't fight me

Love, will, Set me, Free
Love will set me free.

I went away to find a place
that I could stay to get together, alone
But now I reemerged and found it hasn't gotten any better, at home

And what I discovered was
without love there is nothing
to live for
Love, Is, All we, Need
Love is all we need.......that's the truth

How was I to know that you would leave me
Tell me, what did I do to hurt you so...........
I'll make it up to you

Love, Will set you, Free
Believe Me